The Scout Cabin

The Scout cabin is a modest 900 square foot single story wood-framed building constructed in the mid 1950’s, consisting of a 24’x40’ meeting room on the main floor and storage space and restroom facilities in the basement area. While the Scout Cabin has received maintenance over the years, it remains essentially as it was originally built over 60 years ago.

To address the Scout Cabin’s current limitations, The Friends of Middleton Scouting formed a subcommittee to collaborate with current Scouts, Scouters and Scouting families to identify and prioritize the improvements and renovations required to support future generations of Scouting. This careful study identified the following needs:

  • increasing the square footage of the building to accommodate continued growth (a 50% increase). 
  • enhancing the main meeting room to accommodate large group meetings. 
  • Making the facility more suitable for cub Scouting activities. 
  • Restroom facilities accommodating both boys and girls. 
  • Achieving Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance and access for Scouts and families with disabilities. 
  • Improving energy efficiency to reduce operating expenses and environmental impact. 
  • Utilizing low-maintenance materials to minimize on-going expenses. 
  • Creating additional meeting spaces to enable multiple gatherings during busy Troop meetings. 
  • Extending the use of the property, through the addition of exterior meeting spaces, porches, and patios. 
  • Improving egress, noise abatement, and natural lighting within the structure. 
  • Increasing equipment storage space to support an expansion of scouting activities.
  • Incorporating audio/visual equipment to enable more effective communication and training.

With these essential requirements identified and prioritized, the Friends of Middleton Scouting retained an architectural firm (Zelloe + Weaver Architects) to transform these key elements into a collective vision for our renovated, revitalized, and expanded Scout Cabin.


Expanding, renovating, and revitalizing our Scout Cabin to enable future generations of Scouting in our community!