Welcome to Friends of Middleton Scouting, Inc.

Welcome to Friends of Middleton Scouting, Inc.

Welcome to Friends of Middleton Scouting, Inc.Welcome to Friends of Middleton Scouting, Inc.

Create a legacy for Middleton Scouts!

Scouting Program

Scouting in Middleton, Massachusetts, is a youth program that teaches basic skills and develops leadership experience, delivering on the promise of helping our youth to make moral and ethical choices throughout their lives by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Scout Law. The program is inclusive, open to male and female youth ages 6 through 18, from all ethnic groups and all abilities, and has touched the lives of many youths and families in our community over the last 75 years. 

What We Do

 The Friends of Middleton Scouting, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, formed for the purpose of supporting the Middleton Scouting program through stewardship of the Middleton Scout Cabin ̶ a  place where our Scouts and Scouters meet to prepare our youth to embrace civic engagement, environmental stewardship, healthy living, and community outreach.  

The Scouting Cabin


As a result of the vision, dedication, and generosity of previous Scouts, Scouters, parents, and civic leaders, the Scouting program in Middleton has enjoyed the benefit of its own youth center for over 60 years.

Without the Scout Cabin, the Middleton Scouting program could not support the broad array of activities that is the foundation of the program’s ongoing success and growth.

The Scouting program in Middleton remains a remarkable asset to our youth and to our community and its success has pressed the capacity of the Scout Cabin to its limits. The recent admission of girls into the program has further accelerated its growth and urgency of the Scout Cabin’s expansion and renovation.


Please Donate

We are dedicated to improving and enlarging the current Scouting cabin to serve the program into the future. Your contribution today helps us make a difference.