Funding the Project

Fulfilling the needs of the Scouting program for future generations of Scouts in Middleton requires $200,000 in funding to support the Scout Cabin renovation and expansion. Raising these funds will enable the Friends of Middleton Scouting to:

  • Prepare the Groundwork: Create detailed construction plans and drawings and obtain required permits 
  • Renovate the Great Room

                      • Make the main building improvements 

                      • Raise ceiling height, add new roof trusses/sheathing/shingles 

                      • Install new doors, windows, siding, and insulation 

                      • Remove stairway, reconfigure storage areas; add lighting

  • Construct the Scouter’s addition: Conduct site work and construct a 945 sq. ft. addition 

                      • Relocate utilities (underground) 

                      • Install additional restroom 

                      • Create additional meeting room(s) and Scoutmaster’s area 

                      • Construct relocated stairway and ADA lift 

                      • Install front porch and landing

  • Expand the outdoor experience: Build decks and outdoor meeting spaces 
  • Enable 21st century Scouting: Install audio/ visual aids (overhead projectors, audio system, etc.), upgrade security and smoke/fire alarms 
  • Create the Finish: Reconstruct retaining walls and fire pit, and install walkway and flagpole